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Darryl Mayes is a YouTuber, Content Creator, and CEO/Founder of Darryl Mayes Productions. More importantly though, he’s proud to be the founding member of the Mayes Family.

In 2012, Darryl started to make and edit videos for YouTube as a fun hobby; a lifelong fan of comedy like Bernie Mac’s stand-up routines or “Everybody Hates Chris”, producing videos that got people laughing was a natural first step for Darryl. Each character - from Pops to James, the mechanic to the pastor - is a piece of Darryl and his story.

“All I want to do is make a positive impact in the world by spreading love and laughter to everyone I can.”

As the characters continued to grow, so did the followers. But, after making and posting over 200 videos to Youtube, he had his first viral hit. In 2022, he was selected to be in Youtube’s Black Class of 2022. Today, almost 12 years after his first video he filmed upstairs at his mom’s house, Darryl has over one million followers and has partnered with organizations and brands such as The United States Navy, Hello Fresh, DirectTV, Logitech, BetterHelp, and Meta, among others.

Having grown up in poverty, he will tell you he had to figure out a lot on his own. He wants you to know you are never struck - in every moment, you hold the power to rewrite your story and change the circumstance.

Today, Darryl is equal parts driven and grateful; his goal is to be a source of joy and hope in a world that can feel like a lot sometimes.

His favorite thing to hear from a fan:

"You made my day"



Darryl is a high school student making beats.

Darryl releases his first YouTube video (It was an instrumental.)

His goal at this point in time?
Become a music producer.

Darryl is making beats and dancing to them.

(Turn up with me.)

He starts to introduce spoken word into the YouTube channel.

Darryl attends CPCC to pursue his Associates in Business.

Pops was introduced to the channel via the video, “Dad Raps To Son

Darryl starts writing and making skits around the beats. He announces his pivot to making comedy skits ONLY.

Darryl quits his job at the pawn shop and starts driving for Lyft and DoorDash.

Darryl gets his first ever brand sponsorship with Scentbird.

Darryl is a full-time YouTuber, but he is scraping by to make ends meet.

Darryl rents his first AirBNB to film videos. Darryl Meets Junior Gomez playing basketball.

Darryl’s first video goes viral (The video that went viral? “Truth or lie if you were honest with her parents”)

Darryl jumps from 2.5k YouTube subscribers to 100k YouTube subscribers in just two months. Junior becomes a full-time artist and starts to bug Darryl about working together.

Darryl reaches 1M subscribers on Jan. 1, 2022

Junior creates a merch design for Darryl. Darryl loves it - this is the beginning of the Darryl x Junior business partnership and teamwork.

Junior creates the first merch collection in the summer.

Mayes Merch shop is born.

Darryl gets an agent - he is represented by Viral Nation.

Darryl is selected to be in the YouTube Black Class of 2022.

Darryl reaches 2 million YouTube subscribers

Shop Mayes Merch product starts to drop consistently.

Darryl hosts his first meet up in Charlotte for content creators.

Darryl partners with the United States Navy.

To be continued...

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